Story of Minima

Why Minima?

Minima impressed me that this is the first blockchain that has combined the following factors into one, this is unusual:

  1. Minima is also using its variation of Proof-of-Work, called Transaction Proof-of Work (or Tx-Pow), to secure the network
  2. Running node by download the apk, and you run a full validating and constructing node
  3. Minima’s native token has a maximum supply of 1 billion. There won’t ever be more than that in existence. A burn mechanism that governs network traffic, and regulates transactions will over time reduce the supply, making it a deflationary currency from the start

Yes, it’s not much, but it made me fall in love with Minima. Currently, blockchains have such a complex architecture, they are so imperfect, and Minima will cover some of these shortcomings and give impetus to the development of the entire industry. It’s incredible